Facet Engineering are specialists in the field of designing, manufacturing, and supplying belt conveyors to our clients. Thanks to our vast experience, as well as knowledgeable and dedicated experts, we are able to fabricate any conveyor belt type to meet the specifications of our clients, while ensuring their needs are met.

A conveyor belt is by far the most common means of transporting materials and goods through a system that utilises conveyor belting and conveyor components. Conveyor components are reliable and long-lasting, and thus appropriate for a conveyor belt system.

From a financial perspective, belt conveyors are considered to be the most versatile and least expensive systems for their intended applications. Due to the conveyor belting, and the flat, wide surface it offers, most materials can be moved using this system. Small, large, light, or heavy, transportation of materials is a non-issue, assuming that the belt conveyor has been designed and implemented appropriately.

Belt Conveyors have a number of general advantages over other methods of conveyance:

  • They are able to convey a large number of materials, ranging from very fine to large lumps. This is advantageous in such industries as mining, cement production, etc.
  • A conveyor belt system is highly versatile, they can be designed and implemented to handle very high capacities on any operation.
  • Additionally, their operational versatility means that they can be used for batching operations or moving small amounts of materials between industrial processes.
  • Being able to fit almost any operation, the system can be used to move material horizontally, on an incline, or both. This ability extends to being able to move materials horizontally, then vertically, then horizontally again indefinitely.
  • This system requires far less power, and thus less fuel, to operate. This is because it’s only necessary for the conveyor belting and some system components to move, the items being conveyed remain static on top of it.
  • A useful application for this system is also stockpiling and moving piled, bulk materials. “Radial Stackers” are able to be adjusted to be positioned on varying angles as a stockpile, such as agricultural product, is gradually loaded.
  • Modern belt type conveyor systems are considered to be safe for industrial applications, with properly designed systems having multiple safety systems in place.

For all needs that require a belt conveyer system, Facet Engineering are specialists in their design, manufacture, and supply.

For further queries concerning our conveyor belt system and conveyor belting, you can contact us.

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