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Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor for bulk handling
Tube belt conveyor
Tube Belt Conveyor for gentle handling

A belt conveyor is relatively simple in design and application, however at Facet Engineering, we take the design and manufacture of conveyors to a whole new level of expertise, with an in-depth knowledge of the range of specialized belts, pulley and drive arrangement available for belt conveyors.

As design and project engineers, Facet Engineering understand the varying principles and parameters involved in moving product. We consider the angle of repose of a product when designing a conveyor system to ensure that the product is conveyed as efficiently as possible, with minimal product spillage. Our expertise also extends to selecting the correct conveyor belt best suited to the product for optimal conveying. 

Belt conveyors are used for both unit handling (uniformly shaped, completely contained items such as boxes and pallets) and bulk material handling (large volumes of material such as grain, sand, ore and coal).


Belt conveyors are extensively used in factory and production plant automation, and provide benefits such as reducing the labour requirements, streamlining production processes, ensuring product consistency, and improves the overall productivity levels.


  • Highly versatile – capable of handling a wide range of products and operating conditions.
  • Suitable for unit handling and bulk handling applications.
  • Transport high volumes of product over long distances.
  • Work well for moving small quantities of product between industrial processes.
  • Cost-effective with relatively low power requirements.
  • Can be used to transport goods at an incline or decline

With an infinite number of permutations available for belt conveyors, we will design a conveyor system around your product handling requirements.

Contact our design office for further guidance and for a quotation on your conveyor project.

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