A Plastic Modular Belt Conveyor is used extensively in food processing
Radiused Belt Conveyor Bend

Plastic Modular Belt Conveyors are a specialized form of belt conveyor. Their unique feature is the plastic modular belt, which is manufactured from plastic modules arranged in interlocked patterns making it very strong. Plastic modular belts are easy to clean and highly durable, and can be used in almost every industry. 

Modular belt conveyors are hard-wearing and offer a great deal of flexibility, capable of bending around tight corners and spirals. Plastic modular conveyors are used in both light and heavy conveyor applications, and can withstand a wide range of challenges operating environments, from very cold to high temperatures, harsh chemicals, water and many more. 

Plastic modular belt conveyors are used extensively in the food processing industry, in package handling applications and in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Another common application of a plastic modular belt is a radiused belt conveyors. Radiused belt conveyors are used to convey goods around a bend, enabling product to be transported through any layout configuration.

Modular belt conveyors offer a number of benefits including: low power requirements, low maintenance needs and low operating costs making them a highly efficient conveyor for unit handling applications.

As experts in material handling systems, Facet Engineering specialises in developing conveyor system solutions for our clients that suit both their business needs and their budget.

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