Troughed idler belt conveyor
Troughed Idler Belt Conveyor is suited for moving bulk products over long distances
Idler rollers suppport the conveyor belt forming a trough which carries the product
A Troughed Idler belt conveyor can transport a wide range of products

Troughed Idler Belt Conveyors are a type of belt conveyor, extensively used in many applications to move free-flowing products such as minerals and grains in large volumes over long distances.

A troughed idler belt conveyor, as the name indicates, runs over idler rollers. These idler sets are set at a specific angle and carrying distance to create a trough over which the belt runs. These idlers support the conveyor belt on the carrying side, forming a trough which contains the load of product along the length of the belt. The idlers also support the conveyor belt on the return side, which required due to the long length of the conveyor.

Troughed idler belt conveyors are commonly fitted with rubber conveyor belts, making them well-suited for a variety of conveying applications from grains, sand, cement and ceramics to more abrasive products such as stone, gravel, coal, ore, minerals and metal parts.

Typically a, troughed idler belt conveyor is used for horizontal conveying, but can transport material at small inclines under certain conditions. Troughed idler belt conveyors offer a cost effective means to transport bulk materials over long distances.

The benefits of A troughed idler belt conveyor
  • Effective conveying of both free-flowing material and products of large lump sizes.
  • Capable of transporting high volumes of product at high capacities
  • Ideal for conveying over long distances
  • Able to transport product at high speeds
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Highly efficient conveying
  • Provides operational reliability
  • Cost-effective option for bulk material handling

With many options and configurations of a troughed idler belt conveyor available, we will design a conveyor system around your product handling requirements. 

Contact our design office for further information and for a quotation on your conveyor project.

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