Roller bed conveyors find use throughout many industries today. Being used in large systems such as assembly lines or unit handling of pallets, boxes, and more. The roller conveyor is an effective and efficient conveyor tech.
It has several potential applications. Indeed, the roller bed conveyor is useful for a wide variety of tasks. Beyond that, its simple design allows for installation of roller beds almost anywhere. And, on most planes. Roller conveyors are the go-to choice for quick conveyance of items with flat bases. Indeed, this applies for inclines, declines, or horizontal orientations. This is also applicable for manual or electric roller beds.

Benefits of the Roller Bed Conveyor

The exact details of an operation utilising roller bed conveyors may vary. But, this method of conveyance has several benefits over others:
  • Roller Conveyors drop the need for labour to move the product around by hand. If product must to move from one location to the next, then the roller conveyor is well suited to the job.
  • Motorised variants of the roller bed conveyor allow for the steady flow of product if needed. Additionally, while they move slower, a high volume of product is movable in a time frame.
  • This conveyance method allows for the gentle handling of flat-based products. They can also handle a wide variety of products. Heavy, small, large, and light, most loads placed on the conveyor are conveyable.
  • Roller conveyors are conveyor tech considered to be very flexible. A conveyor can act as a single unit, though its integration into new or existing conveyors is simple.
  • Roller conveyors, whether powered or manually operated, need a certain level of maintenance. At most, regular planned maintenance is all you need to ensure many years of smooth operation.
  • Alongside a means for quick conveyance, roller conveyors also offer low operating costs. This is especially true when compared to other lifting methods.

Facet Engineering, Conveyor Tech for Quick Conveyance

With Facet Engineering, we offer competence and professionalism with our roller bed conveyors. We boast many years of experience, which helped to make us leaders in the industry. This holds true when it comes to fabricating and providing a roller bed conveyor for our clients.
Outside of conveyor tech, we also handle process engineering for agriculture. Our experience here equals our experience in conveyance. Thus, we can help our clients if they need a quick conveyance method or an effective process system.

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