The Grain Destoner removes impurities of a similar size, but heavier than the grain

The Destoner is a common component of a grain, seed or bean cleaning process plant. Extensively used in the agri-food processing sector, the milling industry and seed processing sector, the Destoner was developed to separate small impurities that are similar in size, but heavier than the grain being processed.

During the harvesting process, impurities such as dirt, sand, stones, weeds, straw and other foreign objects may become mixed in with the harvested grain. These impurities can usually be removed by our FMC Grain Cleaner provided they are significantly larger, smaller or lighter than the original grain.

If the impurities are of a similar size but heavier than the grain, (kernels, stones or fragments of glass or metal), these can be effectively removed by the Destoner.

The Destoner uses the principle of separation by virtue of weight or specific density. The machine uses vibration and air flow to separate impurities from the product. As the Destoner vibrates, the heavier particles (stones) stay in contact with the incline screen and separate by screen vibration and air flow. The impurities collect on one side of the machine and clean product is collected at the outlet point.

The Destoner is a compact stand-alone machine with built-in fans, that does not require large receiving cyclones.


  • Level sensors ensure constant flow
  • Energy efficient with automatic stop
  • Timers control the separation time and discharge of impurities
  • Fitted with stainless steel screens
  • Adjustable screen level and inclination
  • Fitted with inspection windows
  • Product sample collector at the outlet point
  • Connection point for dust suction
  • Supplied with electric motor control panel
  • Spare parts easily available

Facet Engineering has serviced the Agri-food sector for more than 30 years with tailor-made solutions for the processing of grains, seed, beans and cereals.

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