Low capacity grain cleaner
Grain Cleaner FMC-75/100


The Facet Grain Cleaners are compact, versatile machines which can be used for fine cleaning or pre-cleaning. Our grain cleaners have been designed to separate and remove impurities from a variety of grains such as wheat, maize, soyabean and barley by means of a large screening area in conjunction with an air separation system.

These easy-to-operate machines work on the tried-and-tested principle of vibrating screens and air extraction to separate the grain from impurities. These impurities include anything larger than the grain, such as sticks (also referred to as overs), and anything smaller than the grain including broken kernels, sand or anything lighter than the grain such as husks and dirt (also referred to as fines).

Our range of grain cleaners includes four models, all of which are locally manufactured, in South Africa, in our state-of-the-art workshop facility. All four models can be used to clean a variety of different grains, for either pre-cleaning or fine cleaning. Our high-capacity cleaners are capable of processing grain at capacities of as high as 120 tonnes per hour.

Medium capacity grain cleaner
Grain Cleaner FMC-120/120
Medium-high capacity grain cleaner
Grain Cleaner FMC-150/200
High capacity grain cleaner
Grain Cleaner FMC-150/200/2





FMC 75/100

8 – 10 t/h

4 – 5 t/h

FMC 120/120

18 – 20 t/h

8 – 10 t/h

FMC 150/200

50 – 60 t/h

25 – 30 t/h

FMC 150/200/2

110 – 120 t/h

50 – 60 t/h

*Above capacities are indicative and will vary depending on moisture content and level of impurities of the grain.

All grain cleaner models can be supplied with aspiration air extraction fan, galvanised ducting and receiving cyclone for the collection and recovery of all light impurities.

grain cleaner features

  • Inspection windows positioned above each deck to check product separation.
  • Easily removable screens for maintenance and screen change.
  • Common impurities outlet chute – can be LH or RH.
  • Adjustable window for control of air speed for the removal of light impurities.
  • Self-cleaning screens.
  • Vibration free to substructure.
  • Low power consumption.


In order to preserve the quality of the grain or seed after harvesting, it is vital that impurities are removed as soon as possible. This is done for two reasons:
  1. To delay the deterioration process, adding value to the grain through the removal of dirt, impurities and damaged particles.
  2. To optimize the quality of the grain before it goes into storage, thereby ensuring a longer storage life.

Cleaned grain and seed is of a higher quality and will therefore fetch a better price than ‘dirty’ grain. Even if a producer does not have their own storage facilities, clean grain and seed brings a higher return on investment for the producer. 

For further reading and more insights on the role of grain cleaning within a process plant, CLICK HERE

Facet Engineering has serviced the Agri-food sector for more than 30 years with tailor-made solutions for the processing of grains, seed, beans and cereals.

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