What are Chain Conveyors?

All industries will find of transporting materials or finished products an important task. Though important, this task is not always simple. Many industries also find themselves turning to chain conveyor systems to help with this. Generally speaking, this conveyor system is the most efficient way to move goods and materials with ease.

What is a Chain Conveyor System?

A chain conveyor is a simple machine that helps move goods through the product line. They use a powered continuous chain arrangement to carry a series of single pendants. A motor drives this arrangement, and material is suspended on the pendants. Chain conveyor systems are commonly used to move products on and assembly line around warehouses or factories.

Chain conveyors are a great conveyor system for moving heavy loads like pallets and industrial containers. They usually have either single or double chain strands, depending on their load. Friction pulls the load placed on the chains forwards.

The mechanism works in a way that when a load is positioned on a chain, the friction makes the chain move forward. This then pulls the load forward.

Where Are Chain Conveyor Systems Used?

Chain Conveyor System

Chain conveyor is a simple machine that helps move goods through the product line through a powered chain arrangement. As such, many industries use them.

Many industries use chain conveyors as their primary conveyor system. This includes the automotive industry, as they chain conveyors make easy work of moving heavy car parts. Paint plants commonly use chain conveyor systems. Painting is made easy as products move through the production line uniformly, allowing an even paint job. Distribution centres also make use of chain conveyors.

Another key point is that not all chain conveyors are the same, as there are many options available in the market. This includes Pallet Handling Conveyor Systems as well as Factory Handling Conveyor Systems.

Pallet handling conveyors use an efficient motor to run two to four strands of chain. Pallets travel directly along the chain from one point to the next. This system is quite inexpensive in comparison to other systems. Factory handling conveyors are medium sized conveyors designed for use in factories. Manufacturing plants commonly use this form of conveyor system.

Sprockets for chain conveyor

Chain Conveyors are highly versatile and flexible systems. They can also be modified to fulfill different tasks.

Why Should You Use Chain Conveyors?

The chain conveyor system comes with many advantages.

Easy Installation

Most manufacturers of chain conveyor systems often offer installation services, too. The setup is simple enough to be able to sell the installation along with the installation service. This also gives you the peace of mind that your conveyor system will work correctly with no complications.

Easily Modified

With the right tools, you can alter your chain conveyor system with ease to suit your individual needs. When it comes time to expand your factory or demand increases, you can upgrade your existing chain conveyors rather than replacing them altogether.

Minimal Maintenance

Because chain conveyor systems are so simple and efficient, users have very minimal maintenance to perform. They also rarely require repairs!


Chain conveyor systems are easy on the wallet because they are so easy to use, as well as their low maintenance. The minimal maintenance and repair cost also make this a great option in terms of affordability.

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