The Benefits of Unit Handling Conveyor Systems

Colin Fairweather, CEO, Facet Engineering

Unit Handling Conveyor Systems are designed to move any product in unit format – this could be boxes, bottles, pallets, parcels. In this instance, the unit refers to fair-sized items that can be handled individually.  Unit Handling Conveyors are typically used to move goods or product between processes within a production facility. They can also be used to move products into and out of storage. Some examples of unit handling conveyors in our range include:

One of the main benefits of unit handling conveyors is achieved through automation, which increases productivity rates, reduces labour costs and ensures maximum process outputs are achieved. The product characteristics, along with the required process capacity and operating environment will determine which conveyors are best-suited for the goods to be conveyed.

Our Unit Handling Conveyor Systems are custom-designed to size and process capacity requirements. We also offer bulk handling conveyors, product intake systems, structural steel supports, product mixing systems and bagging line solutions.

With over 30 years of experience in conveyor system design, we understand the intricacies involved in handling and conveying products in all industries. Our design office will provide you with guidance and advice on the conveyor best suited for your conveying application.

Contact Us directly to discuss your bulk handling and processing requirements.

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