Feed Storage Bins
Feed Storage Bins
Storage bins

Facet Engineering manufacture and supply a range of grain storage bins and intake hoppers typically found within a process plant. These storage bins, also known as feed bins, are used to store a wide range of free-flowing products in bulk quantities, most commonly grains, animal feed. Storage bins are available in a range of sizes and capacities.

Grain storage bins are modular in design, which allows for extension of the storage capacity of the bin, should this be required at a later stage. The storage bins are most commonly used in an indoor environment, but can be modified to be used outdoors, should this be required. Depending on the requirement, storage bins can be manufactured from mild steel, galvanised steel or even stainless steel.

Intake hoppers are used to control the in-flow of product, and can be found at various points within a process plant. In addition to regulating the flow of product between processes, hoppers can also be used as temporary storage, and can be supplied with slide valves. Our intake hoppers are available in a range of sizes and can be manufactured from mild or stainless steel, depending on the requirement.

Facet Engineering has serviced the Agri-food sector for more than 30 years with tailor-made solutions for the processing of grains, seed, beans and cereals.

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