Slat band conveyors allow for a great degree of flexibility in usage.

A slat conveyor, or slat band conveyor, is a highly useful conveyor type. Slat conveyors serve to transport light-weight loose materials with high speed and accuracy. To this end, slat band conveyors are best suited to the role.

A slat conveyor is most useful when rapid speed and accuracy is essential. Their construction is very durable, with a long service life in mind. Thanks to this, slat conveyors often boast long-lasting performance.


A slat band conveyor consists of slats that run on a looping chain around sprocket wheels. Each slat is of the same design, with extensions and recesses on each of them. On slat band conveyors, these enter the recesses of the next adjacent slat, connected by a pin.

As a result, this allows for a great degree of flexibility within this conveyor type. This layout allows a slat conveyor to run in curves, inclines, and straight lines as needed by the user. Combined with their variable operating speed, this makes them highly versatile.

Slat conveyors are available with either plastic or stainless steel chains and slats. A slat band conveyor is often used for moving small packs and for their rapid speed and accuracy.


Slat Band Conveyors can transport many types of light materials. These include:

  • Bottles and similar containers
  • Tins and cans
  • Automotive parts
  • Food products
  • Food packaging

This conveyor type also boasts several features that make it very versatile:

  • A continuous belt. This can run in a curved, inclined, or straight direction. It can run in a combined configuration of these.
  • Speeds of up to 50 meters per minute.
  • The belt can handle products with weights of up to 50kg per square meter.
A slat conveyor offers many benefits, depending on the application.


A slat conveyor offers many benefits to its users, depending on the application:

  • Slat conveyors offer low noise operation. This is ideal for environments with low noise requirements.
  • Robust construction means that these conveyors offer long lasting and reliable performance.
  • A slat band conveyor comes available in stainless steel, mild steel, and plastic. Stainless steel is ideal for food and pharmaceutical transportation.
  • Slat band conveyors come available with fixed or variable speed drives. Thus, they can operate to handle different load volumes as needed.
  • This conveyor type can also come with an adjustable height facility. This allows for incline operation.


Facet Engineering have extensive experience in conveyor technologies. We are able to design, manufacture, supply and install slat conveyor systems as needed. Our conveyor systems exist across several continents. Yet, we are also leaders of our industry within South Africa.

Slat conveyors manufactured by us originate from a single workshop. We have a dedicated team geared towards quality and excellent service for clients. Our products originate from our Johannesburg-based head office and production facility. Additionally, we have offices in Cape Town.

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