Facet Engineering are designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of process engineering systems, among these include equipment designed to take part in the food process. In terms of our capabilities, we are able to design these systems to meet a wide range of specifications.

A ribbon blender, or ribbon mixer amounts to a single, powered, continuous paddle designed to rotate in one or two directions. In this way, it separates or mixes free flowing product. As with Facet Engineering, most engineering companies that fabricate these systems for process engineering design their own blades, making each unique.


A ribbon mixer is used as a basic industrial mixing tool. It usually consists of a trough shaped casing, with arms that support a double spiral. The outer spiral will either move in an opposite direction to the lower spiral, or they can rotate in the same direction as needed. Blades that rotate in opposite directions are considered to be more effective at preventing product buildup.

The ribbon blender, as it relates to the food process, allows for the mixing of powdered product. The actual range of free flowing products that can be mixed is both wide and varied, making it a highly useful piece of equipment.


Ribbon blenders fulfil a variety of roles and provide a number of advantages over other methods:

  • They can be used to mix thousands of different products, even outside of the food process.
  • Versatility and cost-effectiveness of the machine come as a result of its simple design as well as easy, low-cost maintenance.
  • When properly designed and adapted to the physical properties of the product it needs to mix, the ribbon blender is highly efficient at its task in process engineering, as well as boasting low mechanical failure rates.

These systems are able to complete several production goals in a single process. They are able to process free flowing product in what would otherwise require several different kinds of machinery and much more time to complete.

Indeed, these systems prove indispensable within the fields they’re utilised.


Facet Engineering remains dedicated to the needs of their clients, and are specialists in the engineering of systems designed for agricultural conveyance and food process. With regards to our ribbon mixer products, our experience in the field derived from a dedicated team of experts ensures that all of our products meet client specifications as well as maintaining a high standard of quality.

Additionally, you can get in touch with us for further queries regarding our process engineering. Contact us.

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