Pneumatic conveyors transport fine bulk products via blowlines

Pneumatic conveying is a means of transporting fine, granular products through a blowline. Products such as dust, powders, granules, pellets and flakes can be efficiently conveyed via pneumatics. 

The product moves through an enclosed conveying pipeline or blowline using pressure differential and air flow, generated by a fan, blower or compressor. Pneumatic conveying can be used both horizontally and vertically. 

Pneumatic conveyor systems provide a cost-effective way to easily handle and transfer powdered and bulk granular materials with minimal product loss. Pneumatic conveying is suitable for a range of process industries including food, chemicals, renewables and other specialised products.


  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Less product spillage
  • Reduced product contamination
  • Offer greater flexiblity in plant layout
Although pneumatic conveying is an effective means of conveying bulk product, it does also have some limitations. A large dust collection system is typically required, and these systems can be less energy efficient. Some products may prove to be problematic Pneumatic conveyors are best-suited to certain types of product, in particular low density bulk powders. Contact our design office for further information and guidance.
As experts in product handling conveyors, Facet Engineering specialises in developing bespoke solutions for our clients that suit both their business needs and their budget.
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