Maize Degerminator
Maize Degerminators are used to remove the skin, bran and germ from maize kernels

A Maize Degerminator is designed to remove the skin, bran and germ from maize kernels. Degerminators are typically used in the agri-food processing and maize milling industries for the production of samp, maize grits and hominy chop.

Facet Engineering supply the Zaccaria range of maize degerminators. These machines operate in conjunction with a continuous conditioning system. With the use of a conditioning screw conveyor, moisture is added to the grains, thereby facilitating the degermination process.

The maize passes through a pressure chamber of the mazie degerminator, where both the skin and germ are then removed using a scouring process. The end result is clean, polished maize products.

Advantanges of Maize Degerminator DHZ-1

  • Low percentage of grains with remaining peel
  • High quality of degerminated grains
  • Low oil content in peeled grains
  • High oil content in removed germ
  • Excellent grain surface finish
  • No need for further processing after degermination

Facet Engineering has serviced the Agri-food sector for more than 30 years with tailor-made solutions for the processing of grains, seed, beans and cereals.

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