Maize Degermination

Colin Fairweather, CEO, Facet Engineering

The production of maize remains one of our most important food crops in South Africa, used for both human consumption and animal feed. When it comes to human consumption, it is more commonly in the form of maize samp, maize grits and maize meal. To achieve these forms, the maize kernel needs to go through a process, after cleaning, the most important of which is to remove the germ and outer skin, referred to as degermination. This is necessary to extend the shelf life, make it more digestible and expose the endosperm for the next process of milling.                 

To this end, Facet Engineering supplies one of the finest Degerminators available, the Zaccaria range of Mazie Degerminators. These machines produce a maize product which is virtually germ, skin and oil free, with minimal loss to the remaining kernel (endosperm). They can however be set to meet the client’s exact requirements.  This can further be improved with our Conditioning System, the necessary process of adding the exact amount of moisture to each kernel to facilitate the degemination process. Not only streamlining and saving space, but also greatly reducing conditioning time. Traditionally this process is done with costly space consuming stainless steel ‘wet bins’, this is no longer necessary.                                                                                                                                       The maize product exiting our Degermination System is so clean, it doesn’t require any further purification process. Facet Process Engineering can supply and install a complete Maize Degermination system, with models available with capacities ranging from 0,5t/h up to 7t/h.

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