Facet Engineering’s expertise extends towards their length grader machinery. Aside from manufacturing them, we also design, supply, and install them as per client specifications and needs. This expertise, as well as our dedication to our craft, means that we are able to provide some of the highest quality length graders in South Africa.

The function that a length grader performs is the sorting of grains by size. Also known as a grain sorting machine, the length graders produced by Facet Engineering are designed for use by small and medium scale rice farmers.

Grain Length Graders in South Africa

Generally, length graders in South Africa utilise a system of cylinders. These cylinders serve to separate the grains. Broken and shorter grains are lifted to a point via the cylinders, before being dislodged, by gravity, into a separate container to the ones more suitable for commercial purposes. This is a cost-effective and efficient method of grain sorting.

Facet Engineering makes use of a unique split cylinder system within its own grain sorting machine. This system allows for a higher degree of accuracy and easier cleaning of the machinery as needed.

Advantages of Length Graders

Length Graders are incredibly useful in a number of ways:

  • The cylinder design allows for a much higher degree of accuracy in grain sorting and separation.
  • A grain sorting machine is easy to disassemble, clean, and maintain.
  • They boast very low operating costs thanks to its simple design and few moving parts.
  • These systems can be configured to suit a range of applications and be adjusted to operate at the desired processing capacity.

Quality in our Products and Services

At Facet Engineering, we hold ourselves to a high standard of professionalism in the provision of services and the quality of products we provide.

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