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Bean Processing

Dry Bean Processing – Adding value for producers

Dry beans are considered an important field crop in South Africa as a relatively low-cost high protein source and its range of nutritional benefits. Many farmers are recognizing the value of dry beans, as despite the labour-intensive production requirements involved, they can deliver good returns. Adding value to these highly sought-after products is achieved witha …

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Ribbon blender


Ribbon blenders, also referred to as ribbon mixers are industrial mixing machines that are commonly used across various industries for the purpose of blending and mixing free-flowing products such as dry powders, granules, flakes, and pellets. A ribbon blender consists of a single powered continuous paddle that has been designed to rotate either in one direction or two directions.

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Gentle product handling – Why is it important?

The physical characteristics and nature of a product usually determine how it should be handled and what type of conveyor will be best suited to the application. If a product is fragile and prone to breakage, then gentle handling will be required to ensure that damage is kept to a minimum.  Product damage has major …

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