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Maize Degermination

The production of maize remains one of our most important food crops in South Africa, used for both human consumption and animal feed. When it comes to human consumption, it is more commonly in the form of maize samp, maize grits and maize meal. To achieve these forms, the maize kernel needs to go through …

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Fresh Produce Processing Plant

The Best in Food-Grade Processing & Handling Systems

In a recent project for Facet Engineering, a network of conveyer systems was needed for the receiving, washing, sizing, sorting, packing, and conveying of a client’s carrot processing line. The upgrades and expansion had to accommodate the minimum daily process capacities while ensuring the highest food quality. Prior to manufacturing, the design team created comprehensive …

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Understanding Conveyor System Design

With so many options, configurations and permutations available for conveyor systems; they can be modified and customised to suit just about any conveying requirement. This versatility can make the task of selecting the right conveyor even more challenging. Conveyors are often incorrectly used; overloaded with product or not optimised for the environment in which they …

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