Exporting High-capacity Bucket Elevators and Chain Conveyors

Colin Fairweather, CEO, Facet Engineering

Facet Engineering recently exported a specialized conveyor system to the European Union. These include high capacity Bucket Elevators and Drag Chain Conveyors used in a process plant to convey grain at a capacity of 240 tonnes per hour.

These high-capacity conveyors were manufactured to meet European standards at our facility on the West Rand of Johannesburg. The bucket elevators were supplied with safety explosion panels, belt alignment sensors and ATEX drives to create the high torque required to deliver the required 240 tonnes per hour handling capacity.

The bucket elevators, were over 20m high, and were supplied with a unique drive arrangement, which entailed using two geared motors mounted on a common drive shaft. This enabled us to have the weight of the gearboxes equally balanced around the head section, as opposed to hanging off one side of the support structure arrangement.

The drag chain conveyors were as long as 30m long and 550mm wide and manufactured with a purpose-made chain running on special wear strips. The sprocket and chain flighting were all produced in-house. Shaft-mounted helical bevel drives were also used, making for a neat and efficient drive arrangement.

All the equipment was manufactured in record time and shipped in 40 feet containers to its European destination.

With a number of options available for bucket elevators and drag chain conveyors, we can design a conveyor system around your unique product handling requirements. Contact our design office for further guidance and for a quotation on your conveyor project.

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