Gravity Table separating beans
Side view of Gravity Table

The Gravity Table or Densimetric Table was designed to separate grains and particles by weight or specific densities.

The main function of a gravity table is to efficiently separate high-quality grains from poor quality product (including damaged, immature, half grains) and debris. The gravity table can be used on a variety of products including maize, wheat, seed, soybean and beans.

Ideally the product to be sorted must first be passed through a Grain Cleaner, before then moving through the gravity table in order to achieve optimum levels of product separation.

The gravity table operates using a series of fans that blow air upwards from below a vibrating deck. This deck is fitted with a special perforated screen, the angle of which is adjustable in two different planes, allowing for fine tuning. The combination of upward air flow and screen vibration causes separation or stratification of the product based on its specific density or weight.

Separation by product density is effective because broken, immature and damaged grains tend to be much lighter than high quality product, whilst debris such as stones and other foreign materials are usually much heavier. The separated product flows across the gravity table deck and is collected in individual outlet chutes, thereby enabling easy sorting and grading.


  • Fitted with stainless steel screens
  • Adjustable outlet divider
  • Supplied with fans with adjustable airflow
  • Adjustable screen level and angle of inclination
  • Outlet collector
  • Supplied with electric control panel

Product applications

Maize – separates damaged and immature kernels from whole kernels.
Beans – separates damaged, open and split beans from whole beans.
Seed – separates damaged or immature seeds, as well as weeds, insects, stones not removed in the initial cleaning process.
Coffee – separates immature, broken, black, green and damaged coffee beans.
Rice – separates chalky, immature and broken grains from whole grains.

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