Grain Cleaners and Grain Pre-Cleaners (High Capacity)

Facet Engineering are designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of grain cleaners and grain pre-cleaners. We are able to provide this equipment to suit most specifications and needs of our clients. This experience also covers all of our process engineering products. We endeavour to remain versatile, client-oriented, and professional in this regard.

A grain cleaning machine and pre-cleaner is equipment designed for the purpose of its namesake, cleaning grain. They are used to remove impurities and foreign bodies from harvested grain. To do so, they use a system of vibrating screens, aspirators, and dust extractors to remove particles of various sizes from the product itself.

Design of Grain Cleaners and Grain Pre-Cleaners

A grain cleaning machine fulfils the role of both sorting the agricultural product and cleaning it of foreign bodies. Grain pre-cleaners and grain cleaners are able to vibrate any impure particles of a certain consistency and density through specific vibrations that force them out of the grain.

Sieves then remove these small impurities, while a dust extractor is used to remove lighter particles from the grain. The vibrations cause this dust to spread, able to be sucked out by the extractor.

This method of cleaning grain has proven to be highly effective at its task while also being energy efficient. Hence, the system is widely used in agricultural applications, and presents an end result of high quality.

Advantages of a Grain Cleaning Machine

  • The design of a grain cleaner using this method is that it can be adjusted and adapted to suit a wide variety of needs and specifications.
  • Grain cleaners and grain pre cleaners are highly efficient, with a simple and robust design that keep maintenance costs relatively low.
  • A high capacity grain cleaning machine is able to process massive quantities of grain and other product relatively quickly, saving time and operating costs.
  • Properly designed and manufactured systems ensure that no damage to the product occurs while they are cleaning grain.
  • This equipment operates more effectively than that of manual labour. The cleaning process ensures the end product is less liable to have unclean bodies contaminating it, and is able to process more.

The advantages and usefulness of these cleaners cannot be understated, especially in high capacity agricultural applications.

High-Quality Grain Cleaner and Grain Pre Cleaner Production

Facet Engineering retain highly specialised and dedicated staff, who make a point of ensuring that every product that leaves our factory meets a high standard of quality. Our products created for cleaning grain are no exception to this. Our current and past clients can always expect to have their expectations met and often exceeded.

Facet Engineering remains dedicated to the needs of their clients, and are specialists in the engineering of systems designed for agricultural conveyance and food process. With regards to our ribbon mixer products, our experience in the field derived from a dedicated team of experts ensures that all of our products meet client specifications as well as maintaining a high standard of quality.

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