GRAIN Intake systems

Manual Intake System
Manual Grain Intake system
Truck off-loading system
Above-ground Grain Offloading


Grain intake systems are a vital part of any process plant or storage facility; streamlining the unloading of product, optimising operational efficiency and minimising product wastage and spillage.

These systems typically comprise of receiving hoppers of varying sizes and conveyors or elevators which transport product into bulk storage facilities and for subsequent processing including cleaning, grading or sorting.


Manual Grain Intake System: Product is manually loaded from bags into an intake receiving hopper which feeds a bucket elevator, processing between 5 to 10 tonnes per hour

Bulk Bag Handling System: Product is offloaded from 1 tonne bulk bags onto a vibratory feeder and swing tray bucket elevator (for gentle handling) or bucket elevator, operating capacity of up to 10 tonnes per hour

Truck/Trailer Intake System: For larger loads from 10-ton trucks or trailers, this system starts at a below-ground intake receiving hopper fitted with a grate. The truck offloads directly into the hopper which feeds into a chain conveyor or screw conveyor, moving the product into bucket elevators. This system can process product at a rate of upwards of 30 tonnes per hour.

Above-ground Truck Offloading System: In the instance where below-ground receiving is not an option, the intake system is placed above-ground. The receiving hopper is located at ground level, and truck offloading takes place alongside the bin. Product then moves into a goose-necked chain conveyor that feeds into a bucket elevator. The processing capacity of this system is approximately 60 tonnes per hour.

Below-ground Intake System: This intake system comprises of a large below-ground intake receiving hopper that spans the length of the truck, fitted with a grate to prevent large debris from entering the system. The intake pit feeds into a chain conveyor followed by a screw conveyor, which moves product into bucket elevators to storage or further processing. This system operates at more than 120 tonnes per hour.

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