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Colin Fairweather, CEO, Facet Engineering

There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when designing systems for the bulk handling of grain into storage and between processors. Although grain is a relatively hardy product, it is still susceptible to damage that can result from environmental factors and during the handling process.

If not correctly handled during the conveying process, grains can be cracked, chipped or broken into small fragments. Grain damage during handling is typically caused by the impact of other grains, whilst being transported at high speed within a grain conveyor. Grain dust is another major challenge which is generated during handling and processing. This dust is generated by friction between the moving grains and machinery operating at high speed. Not only is dust a workplace health and safety risk, but also increases the risk for dust explosions.

We have a range of grain conveyor systems available well-suited to grain bulk handling applications.

  • Belt Conveyors are used extensively for moving grain in bulk quantities, over long distances. Belt conveyors are very versatile and work well for gentle handling, and provide cost-effective conveying with relatively low power requirements. Belt conveyors can be used to transport goods at small inclines and declines, but tend to have a larger floor space requirement.
  • Screw Conveyors & Augers are typically used to move grain horizontally or at an incline. Easy to maintain and with lower power requirements make screw conveyors a cost-effective conveyor option. It is important to note that moisture content can impact on how effectively product can be moved. Screw conveyors also can be abrasive on some products.
  • Drag Chain Conveyors are both efficient and economical at moving high capacities of free-flowing product horizontally, over relatively long distances. Chain conveyors use the principle of moving product ‘en masse’ via a series of flights attached to a chain which runs on the bottom base of a fully enclosed structure. Chain conveyors are commonly used to transport grains, animal feed and fertilizer into bulk storage facilities.
  • Bucket Elevators are a reliable and cost-effective means of conveying or lifting product vertically and work well with most free-flowing products such as grain, animal feed and fertilizer. Bucket Elevators, by their nature, run at relatively high speeds and work on the principal of a centrifugal discharge of product out of the top outlet chute. Quiet running with low maintenance requirements, make bucket elevators an effective option for vertical conveying requirements

If you need advice on which conveyor system will best be suited for your product, Contact Us directly to discuss your handling and process capacity requirements.

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