The rate of modern food processing requires rapid conveyor and food processing equipment. One of the most effective means for moving food product, such as grain, around is through the use of a belt conveyor.
Belt conveyors are very versatile. They offer one of the most cost-effective means for conveying bulk product such as grain. The manufacturing of grain conveyors are specifically for their namesake.
These conveyor belt types are able to move grain in bulk on a straight line. Additionally, they allow for changes in elevation and direction.

Advantages of Agricultural Belt Conveyors

Conveyor belt types that handle granular products have advantages over other methods. As a result, they are crucial if used in tandem with other food processing equipment.
  • Aside from the grain conveyance, belt conveyors can transport a variety of materials. From fine powders to large lumps, their versatility in this regard is unmistakable.
  • A grain belt conveyor design can handle a large variety of capacities. It’s common for conveyor belts to handle loads of up to 10 000 tons per hour, and sometimes even more than this.
  • Grain conveyor belts fabrication allows them to handle different operations. For example, a single belt can travel to an inclined belt, which can then travel back to another belt.
  • When it comes to moving bulk materials, belt conveyors need much less energy to operate. This is as opposed to other means of conveyance. Given that the handled bulk grain remains static on top of the belt, the operational energy is much lower.
  • The usage of conveyor belts also translates into the safety features they have. This, while ensuring conveyor belt itself reliability and ability to convey bulk material.

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