Electronic colour sorters are highly specialised machines designed to separate or grade granular products by virtue of their colour differences.

Electronic colour sorters (also known as optical sorters) are typically used on production lines in agri-food processing and other industries. Colour sorting plays an important role in product grading, to ensure quality, hygiene and health requirements are adhered to.

Colour sorters separate product by colour, and are usually found near the end of the processing line, after mechanical separations to remove impurities of similar size and density.

Electronic Colour Sorters are designed to detect the colour or optical properties of a product, and with the use of pneumatic ejection drives, separate out the product with colour that does not fall within the acceptable colour range required.

Colour sorters are extensively used in the agri-food sector for grading and sorting grains such as maize, wheat, beans, seed, cereals, pulses, coffee and nuts.

Facet Engineering has serviced the Agri-food sector for more than 30 years with tailor-made solutions for the processing of grains, seed, beans and cereals.

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