Dry Bean Process plants

Bean Processing Plant
Our specialised Bean Processing Plants are designed to remove up to 99% of impurities
Bean Processing & Packing plant
Dry beans require gentle handling in order to minimise product breakage and splits
Bean Plant
Complete Bean Processing Plant layout

Like most grains and pulses, dry beans need to be cleaned once harvested in order to remove dirt, impurities and other foreign particles. There are three types of beans mainly produced in South Africa, namely red speckled sugar beans, small white canning beans and large white kidney beans.

Dry beans are typically very dirty post-harvest. Our specialized dry bean processing plant is capable of removing approximately 95% of the impurities, leaving the product ready to sell to the market or for further preparation and processing.

The first component of any grain processing facility is the Intake System, comprising of receiving hoppers  and conveyors or elevators.

Bean Cleaners are designed to separate and remove a variety of impurities such as sticks, broken or rotten kernels, husks, sand and dust.

In farming regions where stones are prevalent, Destoners are a critical component in bean processing.
These machines are highly effective in removing stones, kernels or metal fragments.

Dry beans and pulses require gentle handling and conveying in order to preserve the product integrity and minimise breakage and splits. Swing Tray Bucket Elevators and Belt Conveyors are used extensively in bean process plants for this purpose.

Sorting and grading forms an important part of bean processing. Gravity Tables are used extensively to separate high quality product from poor quality product (damaged, immature, half grains). Electronic Colour Sorters then separate beans by virtue of colour differences and further facilitate the grading process. 

Additional components of a bean processing plant include Dust Extraction Systems, Storage Bins, Bag-off systems and Packing Lines.


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