Dust extractor systems are essential within agricultural and food processing industries. As agricultural equipment, they fulfill several purposes.

Facet Engineering designs cyclone dust extractor systems for use in the agricultural sector. The standards for the fabrication of our dust collector systems surpass our competitors. Our aim is meeting industry needs with effective and reliable grain processing equipment.

For process engineering, our systems serve as crucial equipment in the agricultural process. Our in-house team will design, manufacture, and install dust extractor systems for your needs.


Dust collector systems are essential within the agricultural industry. A well-designed system will fulfil several purposes as grain processing equipment.

  • Extractors protect personnel from potentially harmful dust.
  • They prevent potential failures within a system. In process engineering, the potential for equipment failure is often dangerous.
  • Dust extractor equipment reduces housekeeping and also minimises breakdowns.
  • They improve product quality by preventing cross contamination. They also remove impurities from the grain.
  • The equipment assists in protecting the environment.


A company’s employees are the most valuable assets available to it. For employers, there is a legal obligation to ensure that they can work safely. Aside from this, there is also an ethical and moral obligation to do so.

Without dust collector equipment, the dust produced in various processes is potentially dangerous. Dust has a potentially serious effect on employee health. Eg, they may lead to skin conditions or even “occupational asthma”. Extractors are thus a necessary aspect of grain processing equipment.

When it comes to process engineering, Facet Engineering is safety-centric. We design our cyclone dust extractor equipment with this in mind. This, without reducing productivity or system efficiency.

Facet Engineering designs, manufactures, supplies, and installs dust extractor systems. We work in every part of the project to ensure the quality of the finished product.


Without proper maintenance or dust protection, machinery and equipment is vulnerable. Many of these have the potential to fail catastrophically, with possibly fatal consequences. Dust collector equipment plays a big part in reducing this risk.

Process engineering and other Grain processing equipment can create dust clouds. These can affect the operation of other equipment. Additionally, these clouds, when mixed with air, can even lead to fatal explosions.

Besides the use of dust extractor equipment, there are steps you can take to reduce these hazards. Eg, ensure that there aren’t any possible leakage points around dust-producing systems. If there are, be sure to contact a professional to rectify it in proper fashion.


The control of dust emissions must occur at the source. In process engineering, dust collector equipment will assist in this task. The less dust there is, the less housekeeping will be necessary for production.

This also means that other grain processing equipment is less prone to failure. Dust has the potential to clog up machinery, preventing normal operation. Dust extraction equipment will save on maintenance requirements. They can also prevent expensive breakdowns, and maintain production efficiency through this.


Cross-contamination can cause huge problems for the quality of your product. Without appropriate dust collector equipment, the end product may end up unusable. This will have a pronounced negative effect on productivity and profitability.

It’s crucial to consider product yield and how to maximise it. Dust extractor equipment will contribute greatly towards this.

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