Manufacturing and supplying
One of the largest ranges

of conveyors

Conveyor Systems

We manufacture and supply one of the largest ranges of conveyors in South Africa, servicing virtually all industries and sectors of the market. From individual conveyors to complete turnkey conveyor systems, we can do it all, and we pride ourselves on being able to solve just about any handling or conveying challenge. Our scope of supply also extends to pneumatic conveying and blow lines. We have extensive experience in developing solutions for handling and conveying a wide range of products, including those that are more difficult to work with due to their nature, or the environment in which they need to be handled.


Conveyors used for unit handling are designed to move goods or products in single units – this could by anything from boxed products, pallets, or individual items. Unit handling conveyors transport durable products that can be handled independently.

Bulk handling conveyors are predominantly used to transport product that is in bulk format, such as grains, granules and powders. The goods are commonly conveyed to or from storage facilities to a processing plant. Included in the bulk handling scope of supply are hoopers, feeders and storage bins.

Conveyor range

Part of our extensive range of conveyors. Numerous options and models are available for most of the conveyors listed below – too many to list. Please contact us directly for more detailed information and further guidance on the range of options available.

Industry Sectors

These are just some typical industry applications of our range of conveyors; however our expertise is not limited to the above. We take pride in being able to develop completely customized solutions for our clients based on their specific requirements.
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