Facet Engineering: Leaders in Conveying Systems and Process Engineering

We are Facet Engineering. We are a leading engineering company for materials handling equipment and agricultural equipment. Our primary specialisation is in the agri-food industry.
Facet is one of the leading engineering companies locally thanks to our capabilities. We handle everything from components for individual machines to complete turnkey projects. We create conveying systems for bulk material handling and conveyance. Additionally, we also specialise in process engineering for the agri-food industry.

A Look at Our Engineering Company

Facet Engineering was originally established as a design and engineering company. We provided design, drafting, and project management for the conveyance and agri-food industries.
We didn’t stop there, either. After our founding, we saw a need for engineering companies with manufacturing facilities. We have a 2000m2 workshop, with CNC plasma cutting equipment and an advanced machine shop.

The Cutting-Edge Among Engineering Companies

We are leading designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of materials handling equipment. Also in process engineering. Thus, Facet recognises the need to remain at the cutting-edge of technology. We hence utilise the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. This allows us to perfect our designs for clients.
We are able to create bulk material handling conveying systems and agricultural equipment. Done for agri-food processing in 2D and 3D, we pride ourselves on their incredible detail. Additionally, we are able to tool animation and interactivity into the designs. We do this to prove their functionality to our clients.

Materials Handling Equipment and Process Engineering Systems Made to Industry Standards

Our workshop only uses documentation and designs from our engineering company design office. Then, the workshop follows strict quality control procedures when manufacturing.
Thus, we ensure that all machinery and systems meet the highest industry standards. We also ensure that they are of the very highest quality.
This quality comes as a result of our dedication and passion for our fields. Making us one of the finest engineering companies to work with.

Our Fields of Expertise

We are a multi-faceted company, and so have two primary areas of expertise. The first is the creation and supply of conveying systems for bulk material handling. Our range of conveyor materials handling equipment is one of the largest in South Africa. It caters to virtually all industries and market sectors.
Our other field is creating and supplying agricultural equipment and process engineering systems. This expertise is thanks to our passion for the industry. It is also thanks to the ever-increasing demand for food in a growing world population.

Synergy Between Agricultural Equipment for Process Systems and Bulk Material Handling Conveyors

The two areas of expertise in our engineering company often go hand in hand. There are many benefits for our clients, as conveyor and process systems are often needed.
As a result of this, we have a much greater understanding on how these fields should interact. Being one of the leading engineering companies also comes as a result of over 30 years of experience. We understand the importance of supplying our clients with the best possible solutions.
That said, we are able to offer meet their needs in this regard. We create and supply everything from custom-produced, individual machines to complete turnkey projects.

Facet Engineering: Your Go-To Solution

We strive to innovate, improve, and develop new products that meet exact requirements. In this way, we are ensuring that they receive the best possible solutions.

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