Bulk Bag Discharging
Bulk Bag Discharging system with Swing Tray Elevator, Gross Weigher and Bag-off Conveyor
Bulk bag handling systems are typically used for the handling of one tonne bulk bags

Bulk Bag Handling systems are typically used for the handling of one tonne bulk bags, also known as Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). 

Our bulk bag handling systems have been designed for the convenient discharge of foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and other products, with minimal dust emissions and product contamination.

The process of emptying a bulk bag can be cumbersome; and a bulk bag discharger offers structural support to simplify this process, allowing for the positioning of the bag by forklift truck or overhead crane system. Once positioned, the bulk bag can easily be opened and the product introduced into the process plant.

A Bulk Bag Discharger consists of a support frame, a lifting hoist and product chute. The bulk bag is lifted from the floor using a forklift and positioned onto a receiving chute. The bag is manually opened using a rip-cord, emptying the product into the chute. With the use of slide gates or valves, the rate of flow of product into various conveyor systems options is regulated and controlled.


  • Prevent product spillage and wastage
  • Collect product dust
  • Facilitate efficient, safe bulk bag handling
  • Closed system prevents product contamination
  • Controlled product discharge
  • Available in mild or stainless steel

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