As experienced conveyor manufacturers, Facet Engineering is a versatile company when it comes to the products and services we provide to our clients. This versatility extends towards all areas of our conveyor technologies, including the bucket elevators we’re able to design, manufacture, and supply.

Bucket elevators are a system used in the vertical conveyance of materials. It’s found in various forms, with the dimensions and specifications varying according to the materials it needs to transport as well as the volume of those materials. Conveyor manufacturers most commonly devise such systems to elevate bulk materials for construction purposes, food products, etc.

The essential contribution of bucket elevators in medium to large industrial operations cannot be understated, they are able to move massive quantities of bulk materials in a short space of time safely, as compared to the same effort undertaken by manual labour.

As conveyor technologies go, bucket elevators offer a number of critical advantages:

  • This conveyance method offers massive transportation capacity that would otherwise be difficult to achieve through other means. The load they are able to carry in short spaces of time is massively advantageous to many industries that necessitate their usage.
  • Bucket elevators are low maintenance when designed and fabricated properly by conveyor manufacturers, thanks to the simplicity and ease of availability in lifting components.
  • They are energy efficient as well as being durable. When properly maintained and serviced, they have a potentially indefinite service life, as well as requiring only low driving power to function.
  • A strength of conveyance technologies such as this is their versatility in the materials they are able to lift, which is wide ranging. From mining applications to food produce, this strength speaks for itself.
  • Modern bucket elevators have a number of implemented innovations that serve to increase their lifting capabilities. As an example, plastic buckets and rubber belts are used for better and more efficient function.

For conveyance technologies such as this, Facet Engineering are capable conveyance manufacturers. Able to design, manufacture, and supply these systems to a range of clients, especially those in the agricultural industry.

For further queries concerning our bucket elevators, you can contact us.

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