Bucket Elevators are effective for the vertical conveying of free-flowing product
Bucket elevators with open top section
Bucket Elevators are quiet running and low maintenance

Facet Engineering have been designing and manufacturing Bucket Elevators since 1989. Our Bucket Elevators are a reliable and cost-effective means of conveying or lifting product vertically and work well with most free-flowing products such as grains and fertilizer, and successfully used in the mineral and mining industries.

The bucket elevator comprises of a boot section with belt tensioner and inlet chute, connecting legs and head section with the discharge outlet. Contained within this enclosure is a belt running over pulleys, top and bottom, onto which a series of buckets are attached by special bolts.

Bucket elevators, by their nature, run at relatively high speeds and work on the principal of a centrifugal discharge of product out of the top outlet chute. This centrifugal discharge of product takes the path of a parabolic trajectory path. The Facet Engineering Bucket Elevator has been designed to take advantage of this phenomenon with its parabolic-shaped head section, along with similar shaped buckets; all making for a highly efficient system.

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Our elevator can be supplied with bucket options including:

  • HDPE plastic
  • Nylon
  • Pressed steel
  • Stainless steel; and
  • Fabricated steel

to suit the product application. In addition, various drive arrangement options are available.





5 – 10 t/h


10 – 20 t/h


20 – 40 t/h


40 – 60 t/h


60 – 100 t/h


100 – 150 t/h

*Above capacities are indicative only and are dependent on the type and bulk density of the product to be conveyed. Consult with our design office for further information.


Bucket Elevator FEATURES

  • Quiet running
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in mild steel or stainless steel
  • Available with dust extraction and explosion panels
  • Belt tracking and rotational senses
  • Range of elevator buckets available
  • Drive arrangement options available

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