Facet Engineering are specialists in conveyor design. They are made for a variety of applications, and the dedicated staff that assemble them can assure that the level of craftsmanship is always of a high standard in every one of the conveyor components found within the system.

Baggage handlers are a type of conveyor system that are installed in airports for the purposes of moving and loading baggage from check-in to the aircraft itself. While their primary function is ensuring that bags are transported, they are also created to ensure that baggage can be properly sorted and arrives at the correct location in an airport. Sortation is the process of ensuring a bag reaches its intended destinations, ensuring that it reaches its correct location within the system itself. In this regard, good conveyor design, right down to the individual conveyor components, is crucial in ensuring that this happens with minimal margin of error.

Some processes that a baggage conveyor system is involved in include:

  • Detection of bag jams: A proper conveyor design in this respect is important in minimising jams. Though other systems are usually set in place that allow their detection when they do occur.
  • Volume control: A baggage handling conveyor should optimally be designed to handle large loads without congestion.
  • Bag Tracking and Counting: A conveyor system is generally designed around sorting baggage in various capacities, such as counting or tracking them.
  • Redirection of Bags: In a baggage conveyor, the conveyor design is a necessary part of an effective redirection system.

For baggage handling conveyors that are properly designed to strict principles, while still meeting client expectations, Facet Engineering is the company to turn to. Our vast experience in the field of conveyors, alongside other industrial systems, places us firmly in a leading position.

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