Facet Engineering specialises in conveyor design, and the supply of conveyor systems. A conveyor system fills a variety of needs and applications, industry dependent. Our dedicated staff are specialist conveyor manufacturers. As such, they can assure that their quality adheres to a high standard. This goes for every one of the conveyor components found within the systems we supply.


Baggage handlers are a type of conveyor system. They fulfill the purpose of moving and loading baggage between points in airports. Usually, this will be from the check-in all the way to the airliner itself, with various stops along the way. This largely depends on the specific conveyor design. Primarily, they transport bags and other items, though they fulfill other purposes, too. Many conveyor components assist in sorting baggage. They also assist in ensuring that baggage arrives at its correct destination. In this way, conveyor systems serve a crucial role in the daily operations of an airport.


Good conveyor design, right down to the individual conveyor components, is a crucial factor. A conveyor manufacturer has little margin for error when creating these systems. A properly designed and implemented baggage conveyor system includes the following as necessary:

  • Detection of bag jams. Baggage conveyor systems need proper design to minimise baggage jams. Usually, though, other systems are also set in place that detect these jams when they occur.
  • Volume control. Conveyor manufacturers should design baggage handlers to handle large loads without congestion.
  • Bag tracking and counting. A baggage conveyor system is generally designed around sorting different capacities of baggage. A good system will ease the task of counting and tracking them at every point in the system.
  • Redirection of bags. Unforeseen circumstances are common in airports. Baggage conveyor design needs to account for this. It needs to be able to redirect baggage wherever and whenever needed. Facet Engineering: Your Preferred Conveyor Manufacturers.

Facet Engineering design, manufacture, and supply baggage handling conveyors. What’s more, we create them in adherence to strict principles, while still meeting the client’s needs. Our vast experience with conveyors places us firmly as industry leaders.

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