Uses and Advantages of Auger Conveyor Systems

One of the main aims of businesses in any industry today is increasing efficiency. In the agriculture and food processing industries, this is also no different. One of the most efficient systems used in these industries today is auger conveyors. As a conveyor system, almost every major industry uses it.

Facet Engineering has provided effective bulk material handling solutions for many years. We have also provided these to a variety of customers locally and internationally. As a company, we are able to meet most auger conveyor needs.

Auger conveyors are useful in several ways. Additionally, they hold several advantages over material handling equipment of other types.

Auger Conveyors Bulk Handling Capability

This conveyor system type is incredibly versatile. Indeed, they are capable of handling a large variety of bulk materials. The consistency of these materials can also vary greatly, from viscous to free-flowing.

The sheer volume of material these conveyor systems can handle is also impressive. This is partially due to the fact that they can have several inlet and discharge points. Alongside this, they can distribute bulk materials as needed to various locations. Material flow is also easily controllable with the use of slide gates or valves.

Auger Conveyor System Versatility

Auger Conveyors have a very compact design for the volume they can handle. As such, they are well suited to small, compact, or otherwise congested work sites.

Auger conveyors are known for their bulk handling capability. This makes them highly versatile pieces of equipment.

Operators can use an auger conveyor as a metering device. In this configuration, they’re known as screw feeders. Through this, they’re able to begin a material process by metering product from a bin or hopper.

Conveyor Design Flexibility

This conveyor system type is well suited to horizontal, vertical, or inclined positions. While this depends largely on the application, they’re well suited to most configurations. They’re also completely enclosed, allowing them to contain the product and prevent spillage.

The design of these conveyor systems also makes them ideal for mixing product together. Alongside this, operators can also use them to break up lumps in product.

Auger conveyors can be used in the horizontal, vertical, and incline positions. This makes them well suited to a wide range of applications.

Alternative Uses

Some auger conveyors operate without a center pipe. Known as shaftless screw conveyors, inudstries use them for slower products. Specifically, these conveyor types transport wet, sticky, sluggish products. The agricultural as well as food processing industries do not usually use them.

Certain auger conveyor designs also allow for cooling, heating, or drying products in transit. Different heat transfer requirements will need different conveyor designs. Eg, a screw conveyor can use a jacketed design, or a hollow-flight design. These provide different heat transfer properties depending on the application.

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