Accumulation Conveyor System

The accumulation conveyor plays a very crucial role in warehouse automation systems today. Essentially, this conveyor type it buffers and accumulates products en masse. This is is preparation for processing of the product further down the line. Accumulation conveyors are highly flexible and well suited to this task.

An accumulation conveyor system can transport and regulate the flow of product. These conveyor types can move product to other areas of the production line. Some functions where this conveyor is well suited include sorting, packing, and loading. Additionally, there are different types of accumulation conveyors.

Accumulation Conveyor Types

As mentioned, this conveyor type functions by buffering or holding product on a line. This occurs until the conveyor system control releases it. Items will stop by resting against items in front of them, or without allowing item contact.

The differences in these stoppage method highlight the two main accumulation conveyor types. Namely, these are contact zero pressure and non-contact zero pressure accumulation conveyors. Below are their exact functions and specifications.

Contact Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyor Type

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Currently, there exists two primary accumulation conveyor types.

This conveyor type allows products to gently rest against one another. This minimises the weight pushing against each product as they move or rest on the line. Additionally, this pressure only occurs at the few accumulation zones. The products will gently bump against one another as they come to rest.

Additionally, these conveyor types are able to optimise discharge rates for efficient output. The conveyor system boasts very efficient use of accumulation area per linear meter.

Contact accumulation conveyor zones generally range from 0.5 to 2 meters. This depends on the accumulation conveyor’s speed and the products’ size and weight. A good idea for this system is to use a sensor system in conjunction with the conveyor. The sensors detect that the product is in position, and will discharge or accumulate it as needed.

Conveyor Type Conveyor Types

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Non-Contact Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors

This conveyor type accumulates items without allowing any contact between the items. To do so, these conveyor types have individual zones, which can each hold one item. For example, an 80 cm zone may be able to hold a single 50 cm box. This allows a 30 cm gap between boxes.

Similarly to a contact conveyor system, a sensor is often used to detect products in each zone. Following this, it can allow or disallow product movement along the conveyor. Manufacturers can build accumulation conveyor zones to accommodate different product lengths.

Non-contact accumulation conveyors can buffer products without any pressure build-up between them. This same feature applies for products at the discharge end. As such, this conveyor type is especially well suited to fragile products. It’s also well suited to products of varying weights and sizes.

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